VISA Debit Card Transaction Parameter Release Authorization Form

VISA is currently restricting transactions (both point-of-sale and online) in the following countries:

- AE (United Arab Emirates)
- AU (Australia)
- BE (Belgium)
- BR (Brazil)
- FR (France)
- IN (India)
- IS (Iceland)
- MA (Morocco)
- NG (Nigeria)
- PK (Pakistan)
- RO (Romania)
- SA (Saudi Arabia)
- SI (Slovenia)
- TW (Taiwan)
- TR (Turkey)
- VA (Holy See - Vatican City State)
- ZA (South Africa)

If you plan to process transactions in any of the countries on the above list or will be traveling to any of these jurisdictions, you will need to complete and submit this form at least 36 hours prior to the release date.

Cardholder's Details