Corporate Governance

Beth adopts global banking standards in handling your finances, powered by Finext Eastern Bank (FEB), our compliance program is robustly designed to identify and control the risk of compliance failure that could result in financial and reputational damage to us and to meet and adhere to regulatory requirements and standards.

The role of Compliance is to identify, assess, advise on, communicate, monitor, and report on Beth's compliance with regulatory requirements. Policies and procedures for effective compliance are based on the Offshore Banking Act 1996 of the Commonwealth of Dominica in addition to regulations found in (including subsequent amendments):

We take regulatory compliance with paramount importance. Our robust measures and policies are reviewed quarterly and monitored 24/7 to ensure our organizations are diligent and responsible members of the global financial services community.


Securing Beth is our priority. We have implemented the highest global levels of technical and security governance standards to deliver a platform that our clients require. A peerless, highly-scalable, innovative, bank-grade security solution to protect the end-to-end workflow for Digital Asset investments on our platform.

Our security architecture delivers the most secure, yet user-friendly, trading, custody, investment and payment solution all centralised under the protection of our brand. Key security principles of BETH:


Best Execution refers to our duty to offer a service that provides the most advantageous order execution for clients. Our regulators require us to ensure that controls, policies and procedures are put in place to prevent market manipulation practices that impact both financial and Digital Asset markets such as "pumping and dumping" and "front running". We deploy state-of-the-art controls to ensure that all market participants adhere to our strict policies and procedures.

Beth is not engaged in the business of the offer, sale or trading of securities. Beth does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Holdings of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are speculative and involve a substantial degree of risk, including the risk of complete loss. There can be no assurance that any cryptocurrency, token, coin, or other crypto asset will be viable, liquid, or solvent. No Beth communication is intended to imply that any digital asset services are low-risk or risk-free.
Beth works hard to provide accurate information on this website, but cannot guarantee all content is correct, complete, or updated. Digital assets held in custody are not guaranteed by Beth and are not insured.

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