Beth allows clients to convert fiat into multiple Digital Asset pairs and to trade Digital Asset against fiat pairs.

We operate a private banking approach where every client has a dedicated relationship manager. Whether you trade directly on the platform or via Telegram, phone, or email, your Beth relationship manager is always available to help you manage your financial assets.

We settle the majority of transactions within 120 minutes of trading. Our banking relationships allow clients to settle fiat into their nominated bank account quickly and efficiently with no limits on size. Our wallet infrastructure allows clients to send Digital Assets to any nominated wallet address with no limits on size.


Beth Custody gives our clients a regulated, insured and secured custody facility for their Digital Assets that is unparalleled in today’s digital asset market.

Our regulated custodial solution has been designed by our partners for Beth Clients who demand the highest level of regulatory oversight, security and compliance for the custody of their digital assets.

Utilized by individuals, businesses, family offices and some of the world’s largest financial institutions, Beth’s custodial solution brings together the best of technology, security, and regulation, overlaid with effective internal controls and processes to protect your most valuable assets.


Trading Fees

OTC trading fees are based on a Maker/Taker model. A Maker is defined as a client who places (makes) a buy or sell order which is filled by a Taker who fills (takes) that order.

Custody Fees

Custody Fees are charged on a monthly basis, upfront, depending on the size placed under Custody. The pricing plan will be communicated during the onboarding process for your review and approval before trading.

Beth is not engaged in the business of the offer, sale or trading of securities. Beth does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Holdings of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are speculative and involve a substantial degree of risk, including the risk of complete loss. There can be no assurance that any cryptocurrency, token, coin, or other crypto asset will be viable, liquid, or solvent. No Beth communication is intended to imply that any digital asset services are low-risk or risk-free.
Beth works hard to provide accurate information on this website, but cannot guarantee all content is correct, complete, or updated. Digital assets held in custody are not guaranteed by Beth and are not insured.

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